Festival Details

The CrisisArt Festival will take place June 25th-30th, 2017 in Arezzo, Italy.

The participant cost will be 140€, which covers housing and food for the week.

There is the option of camping in the garden at the Accademia dell’Arte’s villa, bringing total costs to 120€.

If you are in need of financial assistance, please let us know in your proposal.

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For further information, email us at crisisart@dellarte.it


(come before the festival)

For those coming to the CrisisArt Festival —if time allows–we would strongly suggest coming a week earlier to participate in a workshop hosted by the Accademia dell’Arte ( same locatiion as the CrisisArt Festival) on Art and Activism led by Leonides Martin and Enmedio from Barcelona. This is a popular and exciting workshop that combines analysis and practical work. Whether you are an artist or activist, this workshop a valuable experience. It is clear that Art Activism will play a great role in liberating social consciousness in the coming period and this workshop is an idea place to learn different strategies to deploy art in the service of resistance.

*Participant in the ART and ACTIVISM WORKSHOP can stay at the villa between the end of the workshop and beginning of the CrisisArt Festival upon request.

Dates: June 18- June 23
Tuition: 200 euro
Room and Board at the villa 400 euro
College Credit on request: 400 euro

For more info: https://www.dellarte.it/short-term-programs/art-activism/program-overview/